Eclipse V3 didn’t do a lot. Could not be bothered wasting a day configuring it, double click on a file and it started up NetBeans because that was the default editor for files with a java extension. Back to JDev 10g. It just works. A downside is that it doesn’t run the 1.4 JDK native but for 99% of us who cares? Unless you are totally obsessed with writing inner classes it probably doesn’t matter.

I also like the feature where you can select a block of code that you know needs a try/catch block, right click and select surround with try/catch and it knows which exceptions are being thrown so it creates all of the catch’s for you (not a punctuation error, think about it). Also, type sop<ctrl-Enter> and it will expand to System.out.println() and drop your cursor in the middle of the (). You can also define your own shortcuts and browse the predefined ones. Another thing it supports is dragging (move) and ctrl-dragging (copy) of selected text, which netbeans didn’t get.

I really like the JSP editing and integration into the runnable OC4J container, which is a mouse click away.

The only issue with JDeveloper is that you should pay for it if you are using it in a team: the technet licence is for single-use, single download, so maybe you’d be better using Eclipse. If you are and Oracle shop doing Java in the database it’s a no brainer.

Wracking my brain to remember how to load resources independent of absolute paths etc. Found, which explains it very well. You need ClassLoader.getResourceAsStream. If you arle using your class inside a JSP beware that you need to get the class loader that loaded the same class. JSP’s have a different SystemClassLoader so they can be reloaded on demand.

I have managed to get rid of the JDev clutter. Dock everything to the centre of the left and it creates a nice tabbed group for everything so you haven’t got millions of tiny unreadable windows.

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last few days our group held a similar talk about this topic and you point out something we haven’t covered yet, appreciate that.

– Kris