This has been a productive if frustrating month. I’ve got a lot done with my PHP project, I’ve had a 2 week holiday (now over a week), I’ve spent a lot of time with the family having a life.

Then it’s back to work and my boredom threshold has been hit well past the buffers pretty quickly. I don’t want to say too much here because I know that some of my employer’s customers read this site and I they didn’t do me any favours when I said I was thinking of moving on a few months ago. In fact, the problem resolved itself.

When you are an employee you sometimes just have to take your medicine. That’s why I don’t like being one. Nothing personal – I’d rather own my own company. It’s said that those who know how to work end up working for those who know why. I think this is true. I have my own company but it isn’t generating any income yet.

When it does, brothers and sisters  …

I watched The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind the other day and really enjoyed it. I really liked the end, but one of my friends said he thought it was quite depressing. It made me think of the times things go badly wrong, like the end of my first marriage, and then you have to really try to remember the good things. There were some. I know there were, there were times I was even happy. Ah me, reality, what a gyp.

Spent my holiday based at home. We went out for days and I took the kids to see some films. Revenge of the Sith was not quite as disappointing as I thought it might be – I think the lack of any real conflict as Anakin decends into evil made it far too cartoony. In fact, if you look at a lot of graphic novels calling it cartooney (whatever the spelling is) isn’t correct either. Just 2 dimensional. I loved Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but thought putting a back story in for Wonka was ridiculous. I’m not sure how well it will do, simply because the audience had to think a little. Rumour has it that Burton was forced to put the cheesy stuff in by the money people, I hate suits. Madagascar was OK, harmless fun but trying a bit too hard. I’m really looking forward to Burton’s next one: The Corpse Bride, as well as the new Wallace and Gromit.

Hurt my shoulder climbing about 4 weeks ago. I’ve been having some physiotherapy but it’s still very painful. Apparently I’ve damaged a very small muscle at the back of the shoulder that keeps it up and back and it’s dropped. There’s another joint (I think) at the top of the shoulder and it’s very sore when you touch it, as the physio demonstrated to me today. Got lots of exercises to strengthen it and get my shoulder back into the proper position. The tingling fingers are a total pain in the sense of inconvenience and pain itself, and the shoulder itself has had me clenching my teeth and smiling a lot.

Had a frenzy on eBay and got rid of a load of old stuff. Having a problem shipping kayaks. Parcelforce say 3 metres, but they mean 3 metres when you add the length and the width so  it’ll fit through their sorting machines. Trying to send one down to Devon, really beginning to irritate me because I’ve banked the cheque and I want to send the guy his goods. However, I can’t find the address – I must have binned the letter after I booked Parcelforce. Sigh. I’ll have a hunt on their website and see if I can get his address back. Lovely bloke as well, don’t want to mess him about.