I finished my radio play off today and will be sending it to the BBC next week. Quite excited about it but not really holding out a huge amount of hope because there is’t a lot of point getting too worked up about stuff.

I’ve been reading number watch a lot recently. It fits with my world view very well, I started out my proffessional career in the 1980’s with a degree in Applied Statistics and computing. Whenever I hear one of the meedja panics, most recently about chlorine, I know in my heart it is rubbish but don’t have the energy or the time to look into it. The guy who runs this site does and presents a very good case indeed. I really recommend you look at this presentation and have a think about what he says.CORRELATION IS NOT CAUSATION. I think a lot of people need to understand this properly. I think I’ll buy his books when I’m feeling less skint.

I’ve been working my way through Dave Thomas’ video presentations on Ruby meta programming, really interesting and putting all kinds of ideas in my head. I’m probably going to buy most of the Pragmatic Programmer’s videos. I was thinking of learning another programming language, as is advised in the Pragmatic Programmer, but think there’s still a lot of Ruby to understand after seeing these. The first one is the best explanation of where object oriented programming comes from and how it works I’ve ever seen. Also, as a Sun Certified Java whatsit it’s even more obvious that Java is only half way there at best.

I’m also going to resurrect  an old project called pharmarketeer (already own the domain) and try and get it live using Rails. I’ve recently opened a small account on github to do my version control, probably going to start using it for my writing too. I used to use svnrepository and when I went there to cancel my account it was annoying to see that they do git too, but have’t bothered telling their customers. I probably would’t have gone to github if I’d known, but they do allow 5 private repos against sv’s one, but svn allow unlimited collaborators and were about half the price.

Deb is finally home after a month with whistlestop turnarounds before she went off to the next thing. Jon off to scout camp. I spent most of today working because I got behind working from home on Friday because of a long and boring saga about keys that don’t work some times. I’ve changed the lock for a new one.

Bed time, gotta get up and do my meditation practice. For some bizzare reason it seems to be harder to get it done at the weekend, even though you nominally have more time. Probably because you have more time, you waste it.