Blog city have changed the way they do the sites and here we have the least worst option I could find. I lke the trimmed head. Anyway, enough of that.

Ruby on Rails

Still like this environment a lot. I feel a bit ahead of the curve in that it’s still relatively small group of developers using it. I like the Ruby language itself as well. I’ve been using eclipse for rails. You have to do some hand cranking to set up things like calling rake tasks and starting WEBrick. I have’t had a look at rad rails which is also based on eclipse, mainly because the eclipse project settings directories fight with one another and it whines about plugins. I may set up a different Windoze user to try Rad rails – if I can be bothered.


I’ve finally got used to Eclipse. At work I have managed to get it to show a black background after a big fight with it and then managed to lose the settings when deleted stuff by accident. Really glad I followed my own advice and tar-d up my working directory once I’d got a build running, or it would have been a bit tedious. I’ve decided to go with just stopping everything being screaming white and see how that goes. Vim has themes and you can just pick one – why Eclipse is so far behind is beyond me, seeing as the world uses it. I’ve done some reading and this Microsoft/Apple crap about making your monitor look like a piece of paper is very bad for your eyes. The version of eclipse that ships with Eclipse for Rails does’t allow you to colour the text for scriptlets and everything went a bit black until I realised. So I’ve gone for the not-white option at home too.


Bit tired of some of the silliness and the lack of planning. We’ll see.

Archive Fragments

Got some more of this edited/written. I need to think about it and do some planning, which is what I always say.