Having fun on christmas day. Very tired. Kids liked their presents, which was good. Nine of us for dinner, which is also good. Not seen Roger for ages and enjoying the crack immensely.

Saw my former colleagues for lunch on Tuesday. It’s funny how you miss people. I really like all of them and enjoyed working with them. It’s a shame that the company is run by people who lack vision, because the staff are all very good. Got talking to some other bods who have read the part of my blog where I describe being made redundant, apparently it’s very funny to read and if you put ineffectual unshaven geek into google my blog pops up top. Bizarre. Apparently the person concerned has started shaving. (I may have mentioned this before, sorry)

I finished The Little Friend. Very good book, although you do find yourself wanting to shake the mother, who has got herself stuck in a world where she’d be better off dead, and tell her to wake up and get on with it. It’s true to life though, I have seen people have some bad trauma and forget everyone and everything else but their own grief. Grief isn’t trivial, it’s burned be enough in my life, but you have to put it down after a while, or at least take notice of the living.

I’ve had a few drinks this time, when I haven’t for a while. Not feeling too may after effects as long as I remember to drink plenty of water.

Lama Jampa is teaching between now and new year, really looking forward to it…

Love to all