Just got asked to remove a feature I demoed over 6 months ago because it “scares” users. Relatively sophisticated way of refining a data set with a pop-up that allows you to refine the what you can see in a column on the web page, then add in other columns and restrict the query down a bit. Needed some work to make the displayed name of the column less technical but the principle was sound, in my opinion.

Suddenly is scares users and I have to scope it out.

I’m not fed up or anything. Honest. Just why did I bother?

Still having some problems with using onkeyup event on a field with Internet Exploding Trousers. Works fine with Firefox, can’t get to the bottom of it. Past caring to give an opinion.

Having fun learning Python. Also found a great book on Safari:

Oracle & Open Source
By Andy Duncan, Sean Hull
Publisher: O’Reilly
Pub Date: April 2001
ISBN: 0-596-00018-9

Have worked through some of the examples for Python. It’s too easy to develop a client using Python. I’m beginning to understand the object model better.

Have fun, children