It’s easy enough to tell JDeveloper that you want to deploy to Tomcat, it just needs the path to the webapps directory and forges on …

Tomcat Database connection pools

To get these with JDev you have to run Toplink, somehow persuade Orion (their embedded J2EE server) to run the naming service and all that jazz. I just wanted a simple thing with Tomcat, which is dead easy and does’t tie you up in Oracle knots.

After a lot of pain I eventually read the manual . Dead easy if you follow the instructions.

However you need to create a file called context.xml that lives in the METAINF directory.

Again – dead easy. Just create a METAINF directory under public_html in your JDev project folder and put it there. It just deploys.

Hope this helps the next Joe – took me most of several evenings to get to the bottom of it.

Have fun.