Got turned down for a job because I’m not technical enough!

Let me see

Wrote book on Unix shell programming. Currently planning white paper on Agile methods in an Oracle environment.

Last project involved 40k lines of PL/SQL and Java; re-architecting things to work using web servers and copying files directly into databases and out again onto the database server. Plus plugging into vast swathes of API’s written by my colleagues.

Using Oracle external tables, views to mask out data types, synthetic row types from those views, dynamic SQL to call the appropriate procedure using that rowtype, and a ruck of metadata plus a loading engine with a restartable three step workflow. Plus facilities to edit the data if it was incorrect. All done in dynamic SQL controlled from metadata. Plus background processing, plus creating batches of files to load one after the other over night. All from a tech spec which I wrote in the first place. Functional spec was written by someone else, I admit, but then I was busy at the time and did write the first couple of drafts.

Not technical my behind. Ridiculous! Suspect there was another reason, probably money or something equally cheesey.

Deep Joy.