Got head hunted by some people that I was interviewed by a while ago. Will involve yet another small pay cut, but I’ll be using half the petrol and I did some calculations that imply I might be slightly better off, in fact. Also the car will last a bit longer, which is’t a bad thing. They’re using Ruby on Rails as their technology base at the moment but are, in fact, technology agnostic. The main thing is delivery and keeping customers happy.

I’ve been reading Emotional Intelligence recently and was very taken with some of the ideas in it, got it in an omnibus edition with Working with Emotional Intelligence, and have just started into that one. It’s funny how you recognise at least some of your own faults when you read a book like that. A good friend gave me a pointer about how to succeed in business: when you meet with a customer remember that they’re talking to you because they have a problem, you need listen very hard to them and keep quiet until you know what it is. Two ears and one mouth; use them in that proportion.

Off work today with an ear infection – this looks bad because I had a day off last week with a recurring sinus problem and have handed my notice in. Both bouts of illness are valid. I’ve not been taking my supplements and it shows. It’s funny how you get so bored with stuff like that, even when you know that it helps your general health no end. Humans are creatures of habit but I do get so tired with things, even when it’s supposed to do me good. Exercise and so on. I can’t eat the same cereal every day: it drives me insane after a while. Sameness is a disease that makes you think you can draw some kind of comfort from it, but it’s a trap that will bind you to the same mistakes over and over again. I think this is why I like kayaking – the river and the wave are never the same twice, you always have to think a bit every time … and why I don’t like things like running.

Going back to my bed now. And take my supplements.