When you read my profile you might think that I don’t write code any more. Nothing could be further from the truth. I still write code every day.

It’s  my mission to pass on my expertise to younger developers while collaborating and learning together.

I operate at many levels:

  • Coder in Ruby on Rails and Android/Java
  • Web architect
  • Recovering scrum master – I have developed a much more nuanced idea of agility in recent years
  • Teaching behaviour driven development and pairing for fun and profit.

I have used over 20 programming languages over the years.

I love coding and working in teams with people at the sharp end. I bring:

  • An extensive knowledge of what works under given circumstances
  • Clear perspective on common problems from 30 years at the coal face
  • Empathy with development teams and their clients
  • Understand how vital communication across all areas of the business is
  • Comprehensive understanding of how to write code
  • Clear grasp of the why as well as the how of development
  • Bridging business needs and the details of writing software
  • The ability to ensure the team delivers true capability
  • Knowing when to take a step back and understand the underlying problems