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Dear Frank Field,

I read with some concern today that the DfES has given the green light for schools to fingerprint children without their parents’ permission, and in fact it has already happened many times.

I am disgusted by this. Is this going to be Mr Blair’s lasting legacy? In the days when I was a child fingerprinting was for criminals. I have no time for criminality but I do not see why my kids need to be guilty until proved innocent. How long will it be before these records are put into police databases and used as a matter of course?

There has been a horrendous attack on my rights over the last few years and, as far as I can remember, none of this was in your manifesto. I am tired of the government interfering and getting in the way of my relationship with my family. I don’t give a fig how worthy the arguments for this may be – please keep big government away from personal relationships and please keep it away from assuming a non-adult can give informed consent – this is totally disgusting. The people in the DfES should be ashamed of themselves, they really should.

Yours sincerely,