Have a look at http://www.no2id.net/content/flash01.html, and indeed the rest of the site. I got to this site after reading an article about the Big Brother awards in the Register.

I hate big government and I really hate them wasting my taxes. Once I have my business built I will buy an island somewhere and tell them all to go play with themselves.


If you want to get anywhere in life read The Magic of Thinking Big. I wish I had read it years ago

Oracle 9iAS and JDeveloper

Don’t bother trying to run anything vaguely useful on the HTTP server that comes with 8i. It won’t run JSP’s with extra stuff in the class path. Won’t compile them, even though, if you create a JSP that dumps the class path your new library is there. Had the same problem with the one that comes with the 9i database as well. Rewrote my JSP as a servlet and it worked in the 9i one, the 8i one couldn’t find the SAX parser, even though it appeared to be in the class path. Basically wasted 2 days of effort, but now I know what all of the properties files are for: nothing.

Finally deployed to 9.0.4 as an EAR file straight out of JDeveloper 10g.

So, don’t bother writing your own classes for the earlier releases of 9iAS. No matter how many wrapper.classpath entries you put in the mutitudinous properties files it won’t work. It doesn’t work with 9.0.4, either, but EAR’s have their own environment settings and will pick things up.

I am being a little harsh here. If you install iAS in its own Oracle Home as a separate product (with the patches), and don’t even try to use the one that is supplied with the database, I have got it working in the past. I think the one supplied with the database is just some old junk that gives you the PL/SQL web thing and you shouldn’t try to do anything too clever with it.

Come back JBOSS, all is forgiven – no, not really, it’s just crap in different ways and you can at least get answers to your questions from Oracle Metalink, which JBOSS don’t do because that would hurt their consulting revenue.

Anyway, I won’t waste my time on the older versions of iAS again.

Still think JDeveloper 10g is pretty good, but 9.0.51 (beta) seems quicker than .52 (production). Don’t ask me, I just have to use the tool. Mind you, this was happening when the Register said there was a DDOS attack going on on t’internet so maybe my machine has a trojan somewhere. I will set NAV running later.

Be careful out there or some other cliche.