Got through the SCWD exam OK with plenty of room to spare. Not the score I would have liked but OK.

Felt dreadful over the weekend and, come Monday, I could’t move – ear infection and nose pouring out nasty crap. Then my temporary filling for my root canal came out – suspect it was pressure from the infection that pushed it out.

I’m not in any pain, just feel lousy. I daresay the folk at work think I’m putting it on but I’m not. In a very high stress environment at the moment. We have only a few days to do a month’s worth of work. Thing is, I finished the first cut ages ago and it was never given a thorough test – now we have performance problems and all sorts of other crap – and its all my fault and people are giving me hassle. If you don’t allocate resources to a job don’t expect it to be done on time.

In project management there is a three-legged beast that will always bite you:


Push any one of these and the others will suffer. Not exactly rocket science, is it?