Got called to personnel on Friday. Breathy voice, urgent. Shouda known, they’re making the “post” of senior software developer redundant. You guessed it, it’s me. In fact the “post” was created so that they could head hunt me from Oracle.


I designed probably 30% of their flagship product and put the whole thing into the use cases that were used to build it originally. I worked with their not that good team from NZ building the “J2EE” (well it had Java in it) version (which was all web services and still doesn’t support transactions properly). Right up until the last second I was overdoing it trying to get things finished for an important deadline. Never mind, it’s not my problem any more.

I do find myself wondering how the deadline at the end of August will be met

I also understand why my manager cancelled my review and moved it to this week when she had seen everybody else a couple of weeks ago before she went on holiday. Coward, but I can understand her not wanting to waste her time.

I’m on gardening leave, getting 2 months salary. Not that bothered, to be honest the whole thing had gone shitty as soon as the suits started sacking people and not looking at what they did. I want to work for and with entrepreneurs, not suits, suits suck sick through a straw. Having a meeting on Friday to talk about “options”. What options? Interested to see what the package is, probably total shite, knowing this bunch of tight arses.

It also explains why the personnel director didn’t reply to an email of mine about taking people from the company bellboating. I thought she was just being rude.

About a year ago the IT director (who’s based in NZ, surprise!) employed 2 guys and had no work for them to do really. Ever since then he’s been throwing himself around the company nicking our development work for his buddies. Can’t say I blame him, he has his empire to support after all, but the other redundancies I mentioned earlier in this blog, and my own, are the direct result of his politicking and it leaves a nasty taste in the mouth, I have to say. We are also the only people who might be able to effectively critique the work his happy band are doing. In the country of the blind the one-eyed man is king

I wanted to take my laptop for a few days while I copied of my music and stuff (all legit, just loads of it) but they wouldn’t let me take it for a week. My manager’s manager, an ineffectual unshaven geek with dyed spikes (yeah, I know), kept wittering at me about how it was so hard for him to sack me. Fuckin’ cheek! I went out of the door, handed him my key card, made a talk to the hand gesture and the door slammed in his face. Only the good dye blonde. I think he’ll probably soon follow me, as far as I can make out he hasn’t made a decision of any note in over a year.

Still got the car for a while. Will use Rosie’s to go to the meeting on Friday so the dicks can’t strand me.