Had a couple of jobs in the pipeline. One with a very interesting IT based company in Warrington, the other with a bank in central Manchester. The bank were going to pay more but we seemed to have some kind of mismatch on the 2nd interview; I am glad that I didn’t have to make a decision in the end and got the Warrington one.

I’m going to be much happier with fellow technologists. The bank also lend money to high risk people and have a debt collection arm. I wasn’t too happy about this. Not that I don’t think people should pay their debts but that I don’t like usury and poverty as a kind of norm. This is better, methinks.

I’ve been playing with thinlet technology as a possible replacement for something like Oracle Forms, but not yet managed to get it to talk to a database properly. Mostly my problem, just finding the time to join the bits together.

Have fun and don’t eat too much easter chocolate.