Ah, Ecademy

I was a member years ago when it was new – and it was’t worth bothering with.

Could never find others local to yourself because it was a free-text string. I live in Merseyside so, you had to look for

Liverpool/Wirral/Merseyside – or even an area like, say, Childwall

No idea how London-based people managed. It was was a useless unsearchable pile of free text that was only of use if you had the time to scroll through everything. I gave up.

Even then you might see a village or area name that you know is local to you if you could be bothered scrolling down the long list of people.

I unsubscribed three or four times and then was sent an email every couple of weeks until I was rude to the sysadmin in a reply and that sorted it.

I’m amazed people still use it, last time I looked it was still a free text heaven with poor searching.