I’ve just set it up so the primary domain here is www.francisfish.com.

Remarkably painless, I set up email using google apps a while ago so now my vanity project is complete. The old domain will still work. I have lots of google goodness I don’t want to lose.

The next thing to do here is put some links up to my books so (hopefully) people will start buying them, or at least reading them. I’m going to spend a bit of time on that now.

I got the first proof copy of Archive Fragments from lulu a couple of days ago and have just about finished realising what fonts work a’ stuff. I chose the Royal book size which is slightly bigger than A5 and it does’t work, the pages are too big. You can revise your project until you’re happy so that’s what I will do. I got the cover image of the bloody hand from istockphoto and like it. I thought it was a left hand until I had a d’oh moment and realised that it was the print of a right one.

I’m a little scared of publishing AF because it does’t do a lot of compromising and might offend some people as it is quite violent in places. I feel we have the right to be offensive and censorship in principle is bad, people have the right to their views and weird prelidictions but no right to ram them down someone else’s throat – the off switch is a good switch. But then someone talks to me about young teens accessing violent porn on t’interweb and I’m thrown into confusion.

There is’t an easy answer. I think all us adults need to think it through and decide what we’re comfortable with, regardless of what the tabloid papers think.

And I still have’t been paid…