I started a comic novel GRTZ way back in the day and have been thinking of adding some more stuff to it, and working on it for a while. I need a break from doing software in the evenings because I can’t concentrate on it.

Here are the existing chapters:

Have a peruse if you want, I will be posting more over the coming few weeks.

New stuff

I suppose this is chapter 3

Imported Comments:

Laurel Wingfield

I enjoyed this. I liked the tone of irony, the ring of reality, in that the Big Corp running the operation were trying to do the whole thing as cheaply as possible, the idea that humans can take the desirable qualities of some animals and use them to modify and augment themselves, and the tongue-in cheek humour.

I found the writing style a bit rough-and-ready, but once polished up and completed, I think this would make a very entertaining novel. It has a sort of ‘Starship Troopers’ ring to it, with a grim humour which might appeal to fans of ‘Firefly’ or ‘Blake’s 7’. It would be difficult to find a publisher who would be prepared to accept this, though, with so much competition out there.


Thanks, Laurel. I have a huge, far too serious novel I could send you if you want… 🙂