Quoting from this site:

Acpo vice president Chief Constable Denis O’Connor welcomed the consultation on the power to take fingerprints by the roadside and take footwear impressions without consent.

But he sounded a “note of cautio” on plans to extend the powers of community safety officers.

Although crime was down, the public felt increasingly unsafe, he said.

Yes, because tossers like him are spreading fear and distress. Crime is actually down, when I was a youngster being boisterous was annoying but OK, now it’s a crime. Most kids would have quietened down if you asked them. It’s managing rather than leading, all the vision of a blind walrus.

Why not stop toileting the resources and use them to give kids something to do?

Also, according to a friend of mine who is in the Police, the community safely officers cost as much to train as a junior PC and don’t have any powers to speak of. Why not just have more trained PC’s and stop screwing around?

Sometimes I could just slap these idiots.