It works and comparing it with an iPad is silly, it costs less than a quarter of the price. I was interested in an iPad for reading stuff (have actually read a ton of things on my old iPhone) and the Kindle made economic sense.

Kindle will also do a Steven Hawking reading thing, which I plug into the car. Not brilliant, but means I’m still doing useful stuff when commuting.

Also switched to an HTC Desire, because it just works and has buttons with labels on that say things like “back” and “menu” instead of having to guess where the app has buried them in the user interface. Plus I can check my diary, twitter and email from the desktop without starting an app. When the new Android 3 devices come down the pipe, costing around £200, I’ll probably get one and be able to do about 10x more than the folk with iPads. Then I will give the Kindle to my other half.

Grateful to Apple for breaking the network’s monopoly and assumption that their users are stupid, but moved on. Also moved on from O2’s non-3G 3G and 500MB tariff to T-Mobile 3GB standard package. Plus the hassle free MiFi that’s built in, so I could use the phone with the Kindle … hmmm.

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Chuck J Hardy

Kindle + iPhone 4, yet agreed