The poor cat was so ill she couldn’t even walk five paces to get herself a drink, so I carried her around the house to her bowl. Rosie spoke to the vet and it was too hard, she was dying. We got the vet to put her out of her misery. I cried, I’ve known her longer than almost everybody else I know. Feeling very down. Kids don’t seem that bothered, a less sentimental breed than I by far.

Open Office

Just getting to know open office , wasn’t going to spring for Office XP (Rosie’s employer has a site licence anyway for all staff, but she isn’t back in work until September). Seems OK for what I need. Maybe the drawing package will do for creating my images as well.

Buying stuff

Went to Brookbank canoes ( and got a full plate footrest for the MI 380, because we are going to use it for div 4 slalom and the dragon’s teeth footrests were totally uncomfortable. Went to Cheshire Oaks and bought more bits for the kids and our holiday. So much for reigning in while I find another job.


Didn’t need to do a reconfig after all, smoothie had just shut down the VPN link, so I restarted it.