I am Francis Fish, founder of Lean Teams and creator of the bare bones agile CLARITY system. I am the author 14 unintentional mistakes that cost businesses a fortuneI also created the short, powerful course 3 useful ideas for massive productivity growth.

I share powerful business strategies to increase your team’s productivity and your profits.

I’ve been asked many times about how people in business, people in projects, people with teams all have the same issues.

It’s always problems with communication.

In over 30 years I’ve found out that most of them are extremely skilled at their technical skills, but when it comes to working with each other they don’t have the skill sets, they don’t have the belief, and they certainly don’t have the wherewithal to be able to change it. This is because they weren’t taught how to work together. It’s nobody’s fault. Universities teach technical skills because it’s easy and easy to mark. Working well as a team is much harder to grade.

The downside of this is, that what I’ve found in my experience, obviously there’s a lot of stress, there’s a lot of demotivation, projects are not finished on time. In fact one of the phenomena that I’ve found that is incredible, is that people work longer and harder, and still don’t achieve the result they want.

So there’s a lot of wasted time, and what happens is that a blame culture starts to develop, the stress rises, the productivity of the actual project plummets, the efficiency of the team drops. We want an effective team, but we’re just running an efficient team, we get attrition.

You know what, the good people go, and I’ve got an old expression: the people with get up and go, get up and go! So what are you left with?

If you understand how to address the problem though, what happens when your team starts working effectively? Projects are on time, profitability rises, you know what? You start attracting good people. You start attracting better clients. Because you’re the go to people. Because your teams are motivated and happy, and you know a good motivated team when you see one. Send them to war, they’ll go over the hill for you irrespective of what’s over the hill.

Now, what I’ve been doing over 30 years is researching and developing and working with teams using what we now call agile. And do y’know what? A lot of them are unwittingly making the same mistakes. I’ve boiled it down to just 14 simple ones and written a report about it: